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The Retro OP-6, setting yet another standard to compare your BEST vintage pieces! Retro Instruments has taken what has been learned from the PAST, and created a unit to be used NOW!

    OP-6 Portable Amplifier

      • Stepped gain control
      • Switchable Mic Impedance - /37/150/600
      • Over 80db of gain
      • Phase Switching
      • 48V phantom power
      • Instrument input
      • 25db Pad
      • High Quality VU Meter
      • Output Attenuator Control
      • Improved Noise Performance
      • XLR Input/Output
      • Integral Tube Test Functions
      • Durable Hammer Tone Case Finish
      • Faceplate Holds true to original OP-6 design
      • 115/230 Operation 50/60 Cycles
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