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Basic solution

From “A” to “Z”!

Basic Solutions has over 13 years of experience in broadcasting studio equipment setup, including

We provide high-quality services and features optimized for products and uses by directly carrying out the installation work of the truck, delivery of sound equipment, and construction progress.


Jellyfish recording studio installation and construction, Ulsan broadcasting relay vehicle installation, Korea Arts Center recording studio installation, Daegu Little Socium EBS experience center installation, SM ENT Artium recording studio installation and construction, Woneum broadcasting Mok-dong relocation installation, SPO TV HD relay vehicle construction.


Relief installation work for 8 MBC TV production studios, JTBC casting NQC relocation installation construction, Seokyung University recording studio installation, Humedia HD repeater production, Namseoul University audio equipment delivery and installation construction, Record Factory academy studio installation construction.


Delivery and installation of Sweettune recording studio and mixing room, Relocation installation of Trophy Entertainment recording studio,

Jellyfish Recording Studio Construction, Opera Theater, Seoul Arts Center Sound Equipment Installation Construction, Deokyun Studio Installation Construction, Spo TV Sound Equipment Delivery Construction


Supply and installation of equipment for Yeha recording studio (SSL) , EBS radio 4 and 5 parts installation work,  Vista6 Army TV 2 part HD conversion work, Chungcheong cable TV sub control room HD conversion work,  Relocation and installation of the entire SM Entertainment recording studio, Equipment delivery and installation of universal music recording studio installation.


Han Entertainment Studio Equipment Delivery and Installation (SSL) ·  SM Entertainment Studio 5 Installation Construction · KBS Relay Vehicle Germany Local Installation Construction · KBS Gwangju Busan Daegu Video Ingest Room Construction Construction · Cheongju KBS Radio Relief Installation Construction.


EBS Radio 3 piece installation work,  Vista6 EBS TV 3 piece installation work, Vista 8 Digital AMU EBS TV 5 piece installation work, Vista8 Digital AMU, MBC TV A relief installation work Zeta100 Digital AMU, Doopdoop Studio equipment delivery and installation (NEVE).


EBS Radio 1 part installation work Vista6 Digital AMU, Seowon University performance hall installation work, Music & Company studio installation work (film mixing), Junsound equipment supply and installation construction, Gloworks Communications equipment supply and installation construction.


MBC 2008 Beijing Olympic IBC Construction (Beijing),  Equipment delivery to LJ Wiz Star recording studio, Equipment delivery and installation work for military psychological flyer relay vehicle,  Inplanet studio equipment delivery and installation work

Let's Work Together

Basic Solution

2nd floor, 316-136 Sadang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

Office: 02-6404-3500 / Mobile phone: 010-3367-8038

Fax number: 02-6408-3500

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